Yousave Accessories Microsoft Lumia 640 Case Ultra Thin Clear Silicone Gel Cover

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If you’re searching for a case that’s unobtrusive and stylish – but still offers superior protection – the Microsoft Lumia 640 silicone case is the product for you! Manufactured from ultra-thin silicone, this lightweight Microsoft Lumia 640 case measures in at a mere 0.6mm – it’s so slim-line, in fact, that you’ll barely even notice it’s there! But despite its unobtrusive design, you’ll be glad of the Microsoft Lumia 640 cover when drops occur. The padded silicone body of the cover acts as a natural cushion, reducing the force of impacts and ensuring that drops cause a bare minimum of damage to your Microsoft Lumia 640. Drops as a whole should be rarer, however, because the sleek surface of the ultra-thin clear case provides one of the best grip sensations around. You can keep your handset where it belongs – in your palm, and well away from the ground! With convenient cut-out ports around all of the external features of the Microsoft Lumia 640, such as its headphone and charger jacks, there’s simply no finer case for retaining all of the usability you’ve come to expect from the excellent Microsoft Lumia 640. So why wait? There’s simply no downside to the ultra-lightweight, precision-engineered design of this 0.6mm gel cover! Get your hands on one today!

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  • 0.6mm Silicone Case With Cut Outs For Camera / Charger And All Other Buttons And Features
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