Yousave Accessories iPhone 6S / 6 Case – Clear TPU Gel Cover with White Mandala Printed Pattern


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Mandala Patterned Clear TPU Gel Case for the Apple iPhone 6S / 6

If you’re looking for a phone case that provides the best protection without sacrificing on style, then look no further than this fantastic TPU gel case from Yousave Accessories. The stylish white pattern is based off original mandala patterns and gives of an air of spirituality and elegance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Being made from super lightweight TPU gel means you can protect your phone without all the extra weight or bulk that an armour case provides, and the transparent design of the case allows you to enjoy your phones original look while adding that extra bit of style to it.

Easy Access to All Features & Buttons

These silicone TPU gel cases utilise precise button moulds and port holes, enabling easy access to the charger, power button, auxiliary port, microphone, speakers, volume controls and camera.

So if you’re looking for the best protection for your iPhone 6S / 6 and want a case that looks great and really grabs attention, then get yourself a premium quality phone case from Yousave Accessories today!

  • Brand new clear TPU gel phone case with a stylish white Mandala pattern; designed to provide effective protection and unmatched style for your Apple iPhone 6S / 6.
  • Manufactured from premium quality TPU gel, this thin designer cover offers effective resistance against day to day accidents without adding extra bulk or weight to your phone.
  • Convenient port cut-outs and handy button covers allow for easy access to all of your smartphones features, buttons and ports; including but not limited to the camera, volume controls, power button and battery charger.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is protected from drops, knocks, scratches and scrapes with this tough, protective smartphone holder. An inner bevel even allows you to place your phone face down without fear of scratching the screen.
  • Included in this pack is a heavy duty screen protector and a unique Yousave Accessories microfibre polishing cloth; allowing you to give further care and protection to your new iPhone 6S / 6.
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