Vacation on Earth

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The Earthians were horribly split up internally. But Kcid took a man’s delight in inhabiting them.

Short Story


The body of a man lay on the bed. He appeared to be sleeping, although an experienced finger would have found almost no pulse, and a practiced ear would have detected only the feeblest breathing. Life in the body of the prone figure was at a low ebb.

Slowly, seemingly out of the very head itself, a haze began to ooze — a gray, filmy, foggy vapor which grew thicker and thicker, spreading out until the man’s face was totally obscured.

The haze assumed shape and even a kind of substance, and when it had formed into a long, oval mass, it began to float across the room.

It settled down in the seat of a large upholstered chair, almost as if it were trying, humanlike, to make itself comfortable.

After a moment the mass of gray vapor began to glow, first with a dull orange tint gradually brightening to red, then into purple and finally into a luminous green. Tiny points of light began to flash inside it, and then one sudden, stabbing beam leaped out of the glowing hazy stuff. It passed swiftly up through the ceiling and beyond into the sky, and continued out into the great empty reaches of space…

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