Vacation Amsterdam: MMF Bisexual Romance


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Gut-wrenching Betrayal. Hitting Rock Bottom. A Heartfelt Plea for True Love.

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After kicking her cheating scumbag of an ex-fiancĂ© to the curb, Margot is in total crisis mode. She desperately needs to get out of town and away from the scene of her ex’s betrayal. Amsterdam is just the spot with the lure of gorgeous surroundings, beautiful people and the sort of catharsis a girl needs after her life has crumbled into a pile of awful nothingness.

Several stressful hours later, Margot lands in Amsterdam, ready to take in the sights and feel something other than rage and sadness. But the anger follows her everywhere she goes, refusing to let up even for a moment. It’s going to take something BIG to snap her out of it.

After narrowly avoiding serious injury during an attempted mugging, she comes face to face with her savior, Bastiaan. With those gorgeous eyes, disarming wit and a body to die for, this guy might just be the man to break Margot out of her funk. But dashing good looks aren’t everything, and Bastiaan has some well kept secrets that will send her reeling.

And then there’s wonderful Miles, the free spirited world traveler with a penchant for sleeping in hostels and bumming around wherever the winds of fate take him. He couldn’t be less like Bastiaan outside of his gorgeous physicality, a refreshing change from the secretive, wealthy man she met upon first arriving in Amsterdam. His talents in the bedroom are every bit the equal of his charming personality, too, which helps to dull the sting of her pain.

Now she’s caught between two completely different men and just as much emotional turmoil as she left behind in America. When one man leaves her life, another one slips right in and takes his place. But what’s Margot supposed to do when she loves both Miles and Bastiaan equally? Will the three of them end up miserable, or can they snatch up the true love that is dangling just outside of their grasp?

Bestselling Author Nicole Stewart truly shines in her latest novel, “Vacation: Amsterdam.” This is the third entry in a series of standalone MMF Bisexual Romance novels that follow down-on-their-luck characters as they travel to breathtaking locations in the search for true love.

If you enjoy love scenes that are too hot to describe here, emotional complexity and strong characters with believable flaws, then you’ll love Nicole Stewart’s steamy thrill-ride through the sexiest vacation ever.

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