TOP-MAX® Ultra High Power LP-E10 Battery + USB Battery Charger with LCD Screen for Canon LPE10 EOS 1100D 1200D 1300D REBEL T3

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Charger Specifications:
Input: 5V==1-2A 10W Output:4.2v==0.6A 2.5W
Equivalent to Canon Battery Charger LC-E10E for Canon LP-E10 battery. Charge Time is approx. 2 Hours

Charger Features: 1 The ONLY USB battery charger with LED screen (charging meter) on the Amazon. Know how much the battery has been charged and when it will finish charging.
2 Charge anywhere and anytime you want. Powered to charge by ANY USB port, including Laptop, Mac, PC, USB Mains charger, Phone Chargers, Apple Chargers etc.(Any 5v 600mA+ Charger will operate the unit). Use at home and office, On the go, Travelling and more.
3 Super mini rapid charger. Put it together with your existing USB portable devices you are carrying and charge everywhere you like. No need for more unnecessary cables. Especially great for travel when there are few chances to access mains socket.
4 Safely charge your battery. It will automatically stop charging when a full battery on the screen, meaning the charging finishes. Prevent overcharging and protect your battery. CE approved and RoHS certified.

Battery Specifications:
Compatible Part-No.: Canon LP-E10
Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Output Voltage: 7.4 V
Capacity : 1080 mAh (Batteries provided by other sellers all have only 1200mAh or Less)
Replace Canon LP-E10 Battery

Work with Cameras:
(1)Canon Digital Cameras
Canon EOS 1100D Digital Camera
Canon EOS 1200D Digital Camera
Canon EOS Kiss X50 Digital Camera
Canon EOS Kiss X70 Digital Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital Camera
(2)Canon Battery Charger
Canon LC-E10E LC-E10 Battery Charger

Box Contains:
1X LP-E10 battery
1 x USB Charger
1x USB Cable
3 Year Warranty by come2save.

  • TOP-MAX® LP-E10 Battery: 100% fully compatible with anon EOS 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, Rebel T3, Rebel T5, Kiss X50 Digital SLR Camera. Free memory effect and low self-discharge, help you get more pictures.
  • Much More Charging Options, Not only home and in car: Unlike traditional mains charger, TOP-MAX® charger can charge with a USB wall charger, car charger, external battery, laptop etc. Rapidly and fully charge your battery within 1-1.5 Hours.
  • Forever charge your battery, NOT only at home and in car. With Common micro-USB input, you can recharge your battery wherever and whenever. You will always have a working camera to capture all the important and happy moments on your trips, never worried about running out of power. Perfect for Travel.
  • Show exactly how much the battery has been charged and help you predict when charging finishes. A traditional charger with LED Light can never do this for you.
  • Built with multiple circuit protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection), and high-quality, fire-resistant construction
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