PHOTOOLEX A professional photography equipment brand since 2010.Specificications: Circuit Design: Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) Guide Number: 35 (ISO100/1m)Flash Coverrage: 35mmVertical Rotation Angle:-7~90 degrees Horizontal Rotation...

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Fitness: Shoe Bag Brand Name: NIKEMod: NIKE TEAM TRAINING SHOE BAG - Ref: (BA4926)Man - Shoe Bag -...

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This is an ideal replacement of the original Sony/Konica Minolta FS-1100 hot shoe adapter. Please do not use it on an old (usually more than 10 years old) flash which has a very high sync voltage. Replacement for the original Konica Minolta...

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The Ex-Pro 3D Triple axis spirit level provides both positioning of horizontal and vertical axis simultaneously. Simply slides into any standard hot shoe fitting providing assistance to photography, particularly useful when shooting Panaoramic...

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It works with the most recent Sony Alpha DSLR as well. The hot shoe adpater also comes with a PC sync port output. With this adpater, you can expand the choice of flashes to your Konica Minolta / Sony Alpha cameras. "Do not use with old...

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