Smart Pickpocket Travel Leggings with Secret, Hidden Pockets

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Clever Travel Companion’s Ladies Smart Travel Leggings are the best solution for comfortable, safe travel! With two secure, hidden, zipper pockets that are large enough to hold all your valuables safely when out and about about: passport, credit cards and cash, headphones, even keys and cell phones fit comfortably and no one will ever be the wiser as to where you are hiding your stuff, not even you as the design means pockets feel light and empty even when full! Pickpocket proof indeed! One pocket is placed on the hip, and holds passport, cell phone and other larger items. The second pocket is smaller and sits on the left front. It is perfect for credit cards, cash, keys etc… and both pockets have discreet but secure and durable zippers. The style is a traditional full length fit and size, the stretchy cotton mix allows for a snug comfy fit, but not uncomfortably tight due to the wide waistband. The light material also means the leggings are great for both warm and cold climates. Much more comfortable than flying in jeans! 48% cotton, 47% Modal, 5% spandex. Metal zipper pullers, plastic zipper (does not set off Airport security) Wash warm with like colors. Preferably hand dry, or if needed, tumble dry low only.

  • Light design makes leggings great for both hot and cold climates
  • Tough, durable yet small and discreet zippers ensure pockets and valuables remain safe at all times
  • Pockets stay light and comfortable even when full!
  • Convenient, practical placement makes valuables readily accessible at all times.
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