POWERED BY SIOCORE adapter Pentax K Bajonet lens to Sony A (MA) Bajonet, like most Sony Alpha A / SLT Series DSLR, Konica Minolta Dynax and analogous Konica Minolta SLR MA Bajonet cameras


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This ‘Powered by SIOCORE’ adapter is made of chromed brass and CNC-milled aluminium and features a premium-class as well as ‘heavy quality’. Through the special manufacturing process and excellent shaping the Adapter fits to the Bayonet of your Camera perfectly and builds a dustproof connection. A catching of the Adapter into the Bayonet of your Camera and the existing stop screw additionally assures ideal footing and protection against an overWinding of the Adapter. Furthermore the infinity setting respectively the ‘infinity focus’ of the used Lens retains since a Lens within the Adapter itself supports that process. The aperture as well as the focusing has to be set manually. The exposition and the aperture priority will be calculated automatically by the Camera.
*Adapter made of very robust chromed brass and CNC-milled aluminium in ‘heavy quality’
*infinity setting retains
*accurate shaping to build a dustproof connection to your Camera
*no influence on proximity limit, focal distance and bigger or smaller aperture of your Lens
*easy attachment and screwing off of the Adapter to change Lens fast
*automatic catching and stop screw to protect against overWinding
scope of delivery:
*1x ‘Powered by SIOCORE’-Adapter for Sony Alpha MA bajonet Cameras
*in original packaging

  • This item is compatible respectively applicable to e.g.:
  • SONY Alpha A100, A200, A230, A290, A300, SLT-A33, A330, SLT-A35, A350, A380, A390, A450, A500, SLT-A55V bzw. SLT-A55, A550, A560, A580, SLT-A58, SLT-A65V bzw. SLT-A65, A700, SLT-A77V bzw. SLT-A77, A850, A900, KONICA MINOLTA DYNAX 3000i, 300si, 3700i, 500si, 505si, 505si super, 500si super, 5700i, 5xi, SPXi, 3xi, 400si, 404si, 5000i, 600si, 650si, 7, 7000i, 700si, 7700i, 9, 5D, 7D, 8700i and a lot of KONICA MINOLTA SLR cameras with Konica Minolta MA Bajonet