Movo (10 Pack) RC1 Clear Rain Cover for DSLR Camera and Lens up to 46cm Long


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Movo RC-series Waterproof Clear Rain Cover protects your camera, and lens from the worst the weather has to offer without stopping you from getting great photos. Protects your whole camera rig – including the tripod mount.

Rain, snow, sand, and windblown grit are unavoidable on some assignments. Proper preparation is essential for protecting your valuable gear and ensuring the best photos. – prepare yourself with these disposable rain covers.

Certified waterproof polyethylene ensures that no precipitation penetrates the camera space and gives you an unobscured look at your camera settings and controls.

The drawstring cinch closure quickly locks the cover into place around your without getting in the way of shots.

Accomodates a DSLR Camera & Lens up to 18″ (46cm) Long x 7″ (18cm) Wide. Allows full access to camera controls, flash and viewfinder.

  • **10 PACK** of Completely See-Through Polyethylene Rain Covers with Drawstring Closures
  • Accomodates a DSLR Camera & Lens up to 18″ (46cm) Long x 7″ (18cm) Wide
  • Protects Against Rain, Dust, and Mud
  • Full Access to Camera Controls & Viewfinder
  • Tripod Mountable