JYC – RC-4 IR 4-In-1 Universal Infrared Remote Trigger Zoom for Canon Nikon Pentax Konica Minolta


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Notice: Please activate Infra Red remote function before use.

Regardless if you choose our standard remote or three way camera flash remote, you’ll be getting the benefit of expanded shooting options that will take your creativity to a whole new level.

Our standard camera remote uses highly responsive IR technology to provide true control of your cameras shutter release and timer functions , so it’s great for making sure you get in the picture-as well as situations where you’d prefer to get the picture without getting near the picture!

On or off camera, up close or up to 15 feet away, picture perfect results start when you put Polaroid in the picture.

Suitable for:
D90,D80, D70S, D70, D50,D3000,D5000, 8400, 8800, Pronea S,
F75, F65, F55, N65, N75, Nuvis S, Lite Touch,
EOS 5D Mark II 600D 500D 450D(Rebel XSi), EOS 400D(Rebel XTi), EOS 350D(Rebel XT), EOS 300D, EOS 30/33/30V,
EOS 50/55, EOS kissIII, EOS kissIIIL, EOS 100,
EOS 10, EOS 300V, EOS 300X, 300VQD,
ELAN7, Rebel T1 Date, Rebel T2 Date, Z180u,
Z155, 120, 370Z, 370Z,
*istDS2, *istDS, *istDL2, *istDL, *istD, K100D, K110D, K200D, K10D,K20D,K-M,K-7
Optio S6/S60, Optio S5z/S5n/S5i, Optio S4i/S4, Optio SV/SVi,
Optio 550/555, Optio 750z, Optio 330/430[rs], *ist, MZ-6
DiMAGE F100, DiMAGE F200, DiMAGE F300, DiMAGE A200,
DiMAGE S414, DiMAGE S404, DiMAGE S304,
/Dynax /Maxxum 5 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum 4 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum 3(L) Date,
/Dynax /Maxxum 40, /Dynax /Maxxum 50 Date, /Dynax /Maxxum 60, /Dynax /Maxxum 70,
Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 20, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 75W,
Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 115 Date, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 125 Date,
Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 130, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 140/160(A),
Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 150 Date

  • Remote Control for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, KonicaMinolta cameras
  • replaces Canon RC-1, Canon RC-6, Canon WL-DC100, Pentax remote E, Pentax remote F, Nikon ML-L3, Konica Minolta RC-3
  • Works from up to 8 meter (25 feet) away.
  • CR2025 Battery inlcluded
  • Instant or 2-second shutter release delay and Zoom
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