iPhone 7 Screen Protector [2 Pack], by Yousave Accessories [Tempered Glass] [3D Touch Compatible] 0.3mm Thickness / 9H Hardness Rating


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Premium Protective Glass Screen Guard for the Apple iPhone 7

A screen protector is a very helpful tool for shielding the touchscreen of your device from harm. Conventional screen protectors are however, made of plastic; this means that, while thin, they compromise on defence, so if you want heavy-duty protection from damage, there’s no finer choice than these iPhone 7 glass screen protectors.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, these glass screen guards provide a significant level of protection from damage. It not only provides an impenetrable barrier against scratches, scuffs and dents – it also protects your touchscreen from the danger of impacts.

Extremely Easy to Fit

Each iPhone 7 screen protector is easy to fit; with sticky-back adhesive ensuring that fitting the screen protector is as simple as placing it onto the surface of the display. However, to ensure no bubbles are present once fitted, we pre-package our screen protectors with both an application card and printed, step-by-step instructions to ensure the most precise fit possible.

Unobtrusive & Responsive

Unlike some other screen shields, these Yousave Accessories screen protectors will not affect the responsiveness of a capacitive touchscreen. They conduct electricity, meaning that whether using a stylus pen or a finger, the display remains incredibly easy and convenient to use with no time lag whatsoever!

Ensuring maximum protection and ultimate convenience, these screen protectors provide the most effective defence against touchscreen damage, keeping your iPhone 7 in perfect condition for longer!

  • Exact fit for the iPhone 7 model (2016). Thin 0.3mm tempered glass with rounded edges to protect from scratches and scrapes.
  • Features an oleophobic coating to prevent finger prints, smudges, and marks on the screen.
  • Crystal clear display ensures a high level of transparency and no interference with your touchscreen.
  • The shatter proof, scratch proof film has been awarded a 9H hardness rating; making it virtually impossible to scratch.
  • Includes a microfibre polishing cloth, dust removal film, and application card for a bubble free installation.
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