Hotel Obsidian: Intertwined tales from behind hotel bedroom doors


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Behind every hotel bedroom door is a story, and Hotel Obsidian is a hotel that shares some of the tales with you.

From Mary the abusive-when-drunk manipulator to the mystery man found in the Claire De Lune Suite, you are taken on a journey through the snapshots of people’s lives where murder, mystery, sex, drama and even generosity is shown. Old passions are reignited as an ageing diva feels the heat of the spotlight once again; a sister is coerced in to a meeting wth a prolific paedophile by her desperate brother; a man checks in, throwing money around like it were nothing and giving housekeeping a shock as his guilt catches up with him; a high profile event is infiltrated by the man who is a bit of a neat-freak in his hotel room and results in headline news and the coach group gets a shock but not as much as the tour leader when her secret trysts with the driver result in a shocking revelation, and the possibility of her fantasy coming true.

All this plays against the backdrop of a passionate team, all struggling to keep the place together.

Hotel Obsidian is a snapshot of the debauched, crazy and often frenetic world of hospitality and the tales of some of the people who pass through this grand buildings doors.

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