Graduated Compression Socks by DANISH ENDURANCE®// For Men & Women // Boost Performance, Speed Up Recovery, Better Blood Circulation // For All Sports, Flight, Air Travel, Nurse, Medical Use // 1 Pair


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Designed by athletes for athletes (and everyone else), our premium brand European-made compression socks boost circulation, ease soreness, speed recovery & more. Available in 4 stylish colors for men & women!

Why spend a fortune on compression socks? Our affordable DANISH ENDURANCE® Compression Socks feature:

Finest performance yarns, blending durable nylon polyamide with premium Lycra® spandex (Material: 65% Polyamide, 20% Elasthan, 15% Lycra)
• 16-21 mmHg graduated compression – snugger at ankles, more relaxed through leg & calf
• Sweat-wicking padded footbed that helps prevent painful blisters
• Targeted mesh ventilation for extra cool right where you need it
• Perfect anatomical fit, customized for left & right feet

Result? These Knee-High Support Socks Can Help You:

• Pump & oxygenate blood more efficiently
• Run farther & work out better
• Recover faster after strenuous exercise
• Reduce muscle pain & fatigue

Tested & Proven

Designed in Denmark and made in Europe (not China), these well-crafted socks have been through rigorous testing – on the trail and in the lab. Analyzed by the Swiss MST IV (Medical Stocking Tester), they’re proven to provide optimal graduated pressure.

Perfect for Athletes & Everyone Else!

Our DANISH ENDURANCE® Compression Socks work well for just about anyone, from runners, hikers & athletes to nurses, travelers & diabetics. If you spend hours sitting down – on a plane, at a desk – they can even help prevent blood clots.

All This at a Budget-Friendly Price, Backed by Great Customer Service

Check size chart and care instructions here (or in the images) & add to cart right away!

  • 100% SWEATSHOP-FREE & SUPERIOR VALUE: Our DANISH ENDURANCE® Compression Socks are produced in the EU to ensure the highest quality of materials and good working conditions. They are very durable without compromising a fashionable look in a variety of colors. Besides a super comfortable fit, the socks provide a 16-21 mmHg graduated compression from ankle to calf. The padded foot bed absorbs jarring shock, helps prevent painful blisters and the material wicks away sweat for a cooling comfort.
  • BOOST CIRCULATION & PERFORMANCE: With their constant compression, these medical-grade compression socks help pump, cleanse and oxygenate blood. The payoff: enhanced performance, relief for aches and swelling as well as fast recovery.
  • PROFESSIONAL TESTING IN LAB & FIELD: Being a favorite among Olympic runners and navy-seals, our premium socks have passed through extensive testing. Additionally, they have been proven effective by the Swiss MST IV (Medical Stocking Tester technology).
  • THE BEST CHOICE: If you spend many hours on your feet every day and suffer from swollen ankles & fatigue // If your legs or calves are aching and feel heavy, you have spider veins, foot pain, restless leg syndrome, shin splints, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis or other leg swelling issues // If you want to prevent blood clots, especially after surgery or when flying // If you want to prevent injury when inactive, boost your performance during training and speed up recovery after exercise.
  • MATERIAL & INSTRUCTIONS: 65% Polyamide, 20% Elastane, 15% Lycra // This offer is for 1 PAIR // Compression socks are supposed to have a very tight fit. It’s recommended that you put them on by turning them inside out except for the toe part and gradually roll them on // When you follow the washing instructions, the socks will wash well without losing compression and elasticity: wash with similar colors, not above 40°C or 105 °F // Do not Iron // Do not tumble dry.
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