Flash Flashgun Speedlight Hot Shoe Hotshoe Adapter Adaptor for Konica Minolta Maxuum / Dynax,Sony Alpha A900,A700,A850,A550,A500,A380,A350,A330,A300,A230,A200 A100 DSLR Cameras.


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It works with the most recent Sony Alpha DSLR as well. The hot shoe adpater also comes with a PC sync port output. With this adpater, you can expand the choice of flashes to your Konica Minolta / Sony Alpha cameras. “Do not use with old (usually more than 10 years old) high sync voltage flashes, as the adapter does not include a voltage matching circuit.” Compatible with: Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 A200 A300 A350 A700,A900,A230,A380,A300 Konica Minolta Maxuum / Dynax / Alpha 7D, 5D, A200, A2, A1, Z6, Z5, Z3 Minolta film cameras Maxxum / Dynax / Alpha 9, 7, 5, 4, 3L, 60, 40, 800si, 700si, 9xi, 7xi, 8000i, 7000i Package Includes: One hot shoe adapter

  • This flash adapter is specially designed for Konica Minolta digital cameras and Minolta film cameras
  • Since Sony took over the camera branch of Konical Minolta,it is now an indispensible accessory for i
  • “Do not use with old (usually more than 10 years old) high sync voltage flashes.
  • This flash hot-shoe adapter connects all third party flashes to the Minolta / Sony Alpha hot shoe.
  • This is a third-party replacement for the original Konica Minolta FS-1100 hot shoe adapter.