Ember MK1 Phoenix heated ski glove


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This flagship glove partners on trend style with an amazing 4 setting heating system, using quality, breathable materials for insulation, with reinforced areas to combat wear and tear. The pocket on the back of the hand is perfect for your ski pass and the glove is also touch screen enabled. Other features include an integrated goggle squeegee and a nose wipe, and the adjustable fit provides comfort with styles and function, utilising a unique rubberised velcro to withstand all weathers. The price includes a chic travel bag for your gloves and also a lightweight charger and international travel adaptors. An extremely thin, lightweight battery fits snugly in the cuff, and this can be simply recharged at night, without even removing the batteries, ready for another whole day on the slopes! There is even a leather panel on the palm and silica patterning to provide further water resistance and grip. We’ve remembered everything!

  • 4 setting heating system; light easily rechargeable batteries
  • waterproof breatheable materials
  • ski pass pocket
  • goggle squeegee and nose wipe
  • touch screen compatible
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