eimo 40 Centimeter Mini Carbon Fiber Handheld Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Cameras


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The Mini stabilizer is a great way to stabilize your handheld footage for cameras up to 1.5 kilogram. It uses an ultra-smooth gimbal, constructed form high-spec bearings, which keeps the camera perfectly upright and stable. The gimbal prevents any shakes from the operator being transferred to the camera. Even when running up and down stairs, it is possible to keep the footage smooth, with no noticeable movement from the operator’s stepping motions.

As well as the telescopic length adjustment, the position of the handle along the shaft can also be adjusted, allowing you to position the camera higher or lower relative to the hand position.

Balancing of the camera on the stabilizer correctly is very important to achieve good footage. The mounting plate on the top of the device has 2 adjustment knobs and a locking screw. The adjustment knobs allow the camera to be moved backwards and forwards, as well as left and right on the stabilizer. The locking screw then clamps the camera firmly in place.


Maximum Length: 40 centimeter
Minimum Length: 24 centimeter
Capacity Range: 0.2-1.5 kilogram
Body Weight: 1.25 kilogram

Package Include:

1 X Mini Stabilizer
1 X Protective Bag

HOW to use

1. Balance your steadicam after you setup your camera and make its body remain upright.
2. Hold the handle and pull the base of the steadicam in horizontal, then let it go. Calculate the time horizontal to vertical, make sure the drop test around 2.5 seconds.
3. Practice with the stabilizer from walking to moving. Only if you have patience to balance and practice, the motion and your image will be more fluid. Have fun with your Stabilizer.

  • Material: carbon fiber. Capacity Range: approx 0.2-1.5kg. Lightweight and portable.
  • The Quick Release Plate can accept any camera with 1/4″. Adjustable range of height: 25cm/9.8″-37.5cm/14.7″.
  • Allows high and low angle shooting, high precision bearings and low friction joints.
  • Stretch adjustment improves weight ratio, and reduces the clump weights greatly.
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold, agile to operate.
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