Dynotag Internet Enabled QR Code Smart Luggage Tags – Ready to Use – 2 Identical Luggage Tags with Chains


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Set of two Internet Enabled QR Smart Luggage Tags. Strong waterproof, weatherproof, resilient material. WHAT IS A DYNOTAG? A dynotag is an Internet-enabled QR Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or a computer. Easy to use, the dynotag instantly displays any information you want, such as your contact information, medical information, documents, photos, recordings. There are no size limits to the information included on the dynotag, and you can easily update your information at any time. Dynotag accounts are free: create your own dynotags – as many as you want, keep them forever or delete when you want. Let dynotag have your contact and relevant information accessible so your property can return to you. Your information is kept in your private storage and can optionally be secured with a password for authorized access only. Certain features may require a one-time upgrade. Visit support.dynotag.com for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • You will ACTIVATE and make this tag yours using the special “Activation Code” on the tag itself. Activation is simple: Just create a free account at Dynotag.com, sign in, then click “activate tag” on top. ALL TAGS IN THIS SET ARE IDENTICAL and share the same Dynotag – so you will have to activate only ONE of them and you will be done.
  • Made from special synthetic material and laminated for strength, these waterproof/weatherproof luggage / property tags are as tough as they are functional. NO suitcase or bag should be without one! Attach them to your travel gear, camping equipment, backpacks – any gear you want to attach recovery information to!
  • Smart Tags for the Mobile Internet Age! Specially encoded QR code and web address is unique and belongs to YOU, the dynotag owner. Every dynotag has a private web page that is addressed by the QR code or the provided unique web address – this enables a dynotag to be easily readable by smartphones (scan the QR code) or any web browser on any computer by visiting the included unique web address. Works anywhere on the planet with Internet. You do NOT have to be in the vicinity of your tag to update its contents, just sign into your Dynotag account and update your tag content as you need – as often as you want. Tough, waterproof, weatherproof. NO electronics to break, NO batteries to die when you need them most. All needed functionality and ample room included for life, NO subscription plan is needed.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? A dynotag’s private information page is stored in our advanced, industrial strength cloud service. Once you ACTIVATE your dynotag using the code included in the package, it becomes yours. As the owner, you can update tag contents ANY time over the web and even secure information using password if you wish – others can only view what you choose to share at that time. Select the level of security you want – make your tag “unlisted” by “disabling” it temporarily – or share it on FB, Google, etc. – or anything in between. You decide what’s right for you. Sign into your dynotag account to view detailed access records of your tag and even see the accesses on a dynamic map. GPS assist works using the electronics of the device viewing the tag: Any device viewing the tag content is requested by Dynotag service to report its location. Smartphones have detailed awareness of their location at all times, with GPS assist and other location services – so they can share precise location information if the user allows. All tag views and viewer location information is logged for the tag owner to privately review. If viewer does not share precise location, access time and IP address is still logged and location is roughly estimated.
  • This product comes with GOLD level functionality. Advanced, industry leading capabilities such as GPS assisted tag view locations in your tag access logs and map, multi-level ACCESS CONTROL using passwords of your choice, automatic e-mail NOTIFICATION on tag view, VANITY tag address you can set and flexible LOG BOOK note attachment services are INCLUDED with this GOLD level dynotag product. LIFETIME subscription and ample storage is also included in your purchase. NO hidden subscriptions, monthly or annual recurring subscription plan is required. Developed in cooperation with law enforcement and emergency response experts, all dynotags offer advanced security features that include enabling/disabling of the tag by the owner, password protection of the tag information as directed by the owner, as well as password protection of individual files uploaded.
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