Case Logic Compact Nylon Sling Bag with EVA Protection, Hammock and Extra Pockets for SLR Camera – Black


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This SLR Sling was developed in, you are ready to shoot? S, while their journey F? To keep you HRT. You can wear the sling Kreuzk? Body, then simply swing the case to the front F? Immediate access to your camera R and promised CAPT. Reed L’d? R. the camera compartment offers ultimate protection f? Your SLR R. The suspension H? Hammock Suspension System (the patent pending) to prevent impact, go to the bottom of the camera? Uses. The specialist memory foam lined lid with integral scraper, order? To avoid screen endings. 7.9 x 7.3 x 7.9 Tray attaches and houses the most SLR-go? use with standard lens attached. Zus? Useful gro? It measures 8.5 x 4 x 5 Tray F? An extra lens, flash or other bulky R promised CAPT. Reed L’d? Three R. Zusatzf? Cher Small saving item? As nde zus? Useful Battery, int? re, memory cards or Schl? Key. On the front of the strap system to go? Secures with a tripod or other bulky gear industrial uses St? The hook and loop Anhydrous. Adjustable shoulder strap and waist ensure f? R a comfortable fit. Bracelet unn borders? Once docked? nge W? While the activity? T.

  • tough and ready SLR sling was designed to keep pace with your approach to photography
  • Rugged construction with a professional grade interior and organization will take you anywhere the shots are waiting
  • Sling holds most SLR camera bodies up to 20 x 18,5 x 20 with attached lens, an additional lens and accessories.