Calf Compression Sleeve for Shin Splints & Cramps by ZestWear 1 Graduated Pair of 20-25 mmhg Socks


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How are ZestWear compression sleeves different from other brands?

Our compression calf sleeves for men and women have been created with performance in mind. The true graduated leg compression really helps to minimise inflammation, swelling and injuries.

What is graduated compression and how much of it do I need?

Graduated compression means the highest amount of compression occurs near the ankles, with the compression reducing at the top, resulting in a gradient. This encourages deoxygenated blood to move up towards the heart more easily, which in turn improves circulation and reduces swelling, edema and fatigue. The pressure of each ZestWear compression calf sleeve is 20 – 25 mmHG – a good level of compression for people who regularly take part in athletic sport, or those who find that their lower legs swell by about half an inch after a day of standing.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a lifetime, money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase .

How do I measure myself to get the right size?

It’s best to measure the top part of your calves in the morning when swelling is at its lowest. Check our size chart below for guidance on which pair to order.

Size guidance:

Small – Calf Girth 27-32 cm or 9.5-12.5 inches.

Medium – Calf Girth 33-39 cm or 12.5-15 inches.

Large – Calf Girth 40-45 cm or 15-17.5 inches.

X-Large – 46-50 cm or 17.5-9.5 inches.

Composition:80% nylon 20% Lycra spandex.

Washing instructions:machine washable at low temperatures

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  • ★ REDUCE PAIN and GET RELIEF from symptoms of shin splints, calf cramps, restless leg syndrome, deep vein thrombosis, leg edema, varicose venous, venous insufficiency and other circulation issues.
  • ★ BEST ALTERNATIVE TO COMPRESSION SOCKS. Perfect leg compression for those who stand on their feet all day (e.g. nurses) – also fit well under trousers and even pantyhose.
  • ★ INCREASE COMFORT through MOISTURE WICKING, BREATHABLE FABRIC and SMOOTH SEAMS. No chafing, falling down, slipping or rubbing. Our compression sleeves for calves are machine washable and their antimicrobial action means smells don’t stick around.
  • ★ SUPERIOR LEG COMPRESSION AND FULL, LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every compression calf sleeve we sell. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR MULTI-BUY PURCHASES – see special offers and promotions below.
  • ★ IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE with our calf compression sleeves for women and men, which boost circulation and aid recovery. The medical grade, graduated pressure – more at the bottom of the calf, less at the top – makes our calf sleeves much more effective at moving deoxygenated blood up towards the heart, which in turn drastically reduces swelling and fatigue. The perfect compression sleeves to aid your performance during running, walking, basketball, baseball, skiing, crossfit and triathlons.
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