Billionaire Vacation: The Complete Series (Alpha Billionaire Romance Love Story)


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Megan Mahoney needed a break. Not only did she need summer break the way all teachers do, but she also needed to get away from life for a while—and leave the humiliation of her fiancé dumping her a month before the wedding behind. What better way to relax than a month-long stay in Hawaii?

Things get off to a rough start when Megan makes a fool of herself at the baggage carousel, but lucky for her, handsome Drake Hanover is there to sweep her off her feet—or rather, get her back on them. And, as fate would have it, they are staying at the same resort, one which Drake intends to buy.

While adventure was part of the plan, the two of them, and a few friends, find themselves caught up in the adventure of a lifetime—one that involves shadowy figures, plenty of deception, and a lot of hidden treasure. And what better way to fall in love than over a little bit of danger in paradise?

Billionaire Vacation is a steamy alpha billionaire romance. No cliffhanger and has a HEA. Includes 3 free bonus full-length novels for a limited time.