Billingham Hadley Large Canvas Bag for Camera – Black/Tan

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The large hadley is the bigger brother of the popular original hadley bag. With a removeable insert the large hadley can double up as a general purpose carrying bag. Will easily take a4 files or a laptop computer. The leather and brass quick release system makes access to the bag easy and because we use the highest quality leather, will work year after year. Buckle adjustments allows more room should you wish to really pack your large hadley. In use, we recommend the flap straps are adjusted to length by using the buckle; the quick release system, i.e. The teardrop shaped hole which slips over the brass stud, is used for regular opening and closing. This way you will gain maximum benefit from the quick release system. external dimensions w380 x d120 x h300mm w15 x d4,3/4 x h11,3/4ins internal dimensions w360 x d70 x h255mm w14 x d2,3/4 x h10ins item weigh t: 1 kg

  • The Hadley large is a scaled up version identical in everyway
  • Fully removeable insert
  • Adjustable quick release straps into brass buckles
  • Darted main flap which covers the mouth of the bag
  • Available in black and tan colour
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