Battery SLB-0837 For Samsung Digimax i6 Digital Camera,Suitable For Replacement Konica Minolta NP-1,Pentax D-LI95


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BPS SAMSUNG SLB-0837 battery pack is a rechargeable Li-ion battery.
Top strong safety guarantee
Standard design from original factory;
high-quality lithium-ion battery;
The shell is made from flame resistance with abrasive resistance;
high stability, reliability, capability and longer standby time.

Elaborate precise decoding to protect the circuit board
Having defensive function to detect overcharge, discharge and overcurrent
Equilibrating the inside cell’s charging and discharging

Fit for:
BENQ:Benq DC X600 enq X600
FUJIFILM:Fujifilm Finepix J50,
Fujifilm FinePix V10, Fujifilm FinePix V10 Zoom
Fujifilm FinePix F Series
FinePix F402, FinePix F455, FinePix F455 Zoom, FinePix F460,
FinePix F460 Zoom, FinePix F470, FinePix F470 Zoom, FinePix F480,
FinePix F610, FinePix F610 Zoom, FinePix F650, FinePix F650 Zoom,
FinePix F700, FinePix F700 Zoom, FinePix F710, FinePix F810,
FinePix F810 Zoom, FinePix F811
Fujifilm FinePix Z Series
FinePix Z1, FinePix Z1 Zoom, FinePix Z2,
FinePix Z3 Zoom, FinePix Z5fd
Kodak:Kodak EasyShare C763
KONICA MINOLTA:Konica Minolta Dimage X1
Pentax Optio A10, Pentax Optio A20, Pentax Optio A30,
Pentax Optio A36, Pentax Optio A40, Pentax Optio E65,
Pentax Optio L20, Pentax Optio T10, Pentax Optio T20,
Pentax Optio W10, Pentax Optio W20, Pentax Optio WP,
Pentax Optio WPi, Pentax Optio X
Pentax Optio S Series
Optio S, Optio S4, Optio S4i, Optio S5i, Optio S5n,
Optio S5z, Optio S6, Optio S7, Optio SV, Optio SVi
Pentax Optio E Series
Pentax Optio E75, Pentax Optio E85, Pentax Optio M85
RICOH:Ricoh Caplio 10G
Samsung Digimax #1,
Samsung Digimax i5, Samsung Digimax i6 PMP,
Samsung Digimax L50, Samsung Digimax L60, Samsung L73, Samsung Digimax L80

  • Over-charge protection,Over-discharge protection,Over-heat protection,Over-current protection
  • Short-circuit protection,High capacity circulatory function,Low Power Consumption IC Design,No Memory Effect,High Charge current
  • The cycle life of charging and discharging is more than 513 times.The battery life is up to 3 years
  • Fully Decoded Version: Show Battery Level in Camera LCD; Can charged by your original Charger
  • Battery working life (SLB-0837)about 440 pictures(23°c),400 pictures(0°c)
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