Bago Hidden Travel Wallet – Passport Holder RFID Safety – Neck Stash Belt Pouch


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Worried about being pickpocket? Concerned about identity theft in airports or different countries? Stressed about your credit card details being copied in a public crowded place?

Travel Safely and Securely – Ideal for Keeping your personal information, personal
Wearing the pouch under your shirt, or under your pants provides safety from pick pocketing. The RFID blocker technology will protect you from modern identity theft or electronically scanning of credit card details. It will become harder to forget your passport, cash, CC in the “other bag” when traveling with Bago Neck Stash pouch.

Have More Free Time and Fun
Travel stress free-When going out to a pub, crowded places or getting out of your hotel. You will not worry about forgetting your most valuable items, they are with you! Undercover on your belt or under your shirt.

Top Quality Design, Durable Material – Efficiency At Its Best
No Need for Zippers that break down, get caught with the cloths or scratch the skin. Easy opening and closing with the Velcro. Divider in the main pocket will not be in the way when pulling out or putting in a passport or other items since it is not made out of mesh but full fabric divider.

Functionality – You will love the extra touch
The neck stash pouch is designed to fit carrying few or many items, thin or thick. You would be able to fit inside more than 2 passports and cash, Credit Cards. Sometimes its preferred to have it as an undercover belt pouch and some times as a neck or shoulder pouch – You will choose. Easy adjustable strap and-Getting a FREE PLASTIC ZIP DOCUMENT BAG!

Our Guarantee To You: If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return them for a refund no questions asked ! Add This Value Security Product To Your Cart Now

  • High quality RipStop durable & lightweight nylon with velcro close on the front. Has soft breathable mesh on the back for maximum comfort and for wicking the moisture.
  • Main pocket has two chambers with a divider (not mesh) between them for better organization, easy taking out and putting in items. With an inside stretchable cord for attaching items safely and easy find. Has an hidden back pocket.
  • RFID blocking technology – Protecting from Identity theft & Electronic pickpocketing.
  • Double Functionality: serves as a neck stash or as an undercover waist pouch – by using its 2 Belt loops (in Black & Brown) for each of the 2 popular belt colors.
  • With Adjustable shoulder/neck strap. Has original Strap Keeper and cord loop ring. Dimensions: 17cm height 13cm. width in Black or Khaki colors.
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