An Amazing Road Trip In Colorado

The Alpine Loop in Colorado. If you wish to ‘avoid it all,’ then going on a journey to the Alpine Loop Back Country Byway will easily prove to match your idea of heaven. Positioned in Colorado’s southwest, this stunning location effortlessly enthralls its visitors with a spectacular landscape of snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes and meadows dotted with wild flowers.

With its laid back feel and pristine charm, and including an elevation of more than twelve thousand feet, The Loop is a location that will surely produce an unforgettable journey or a popular outing with pals. Such a Colorado journey will help you discover that The Loop is high in activities to keep you – and everybody in the group – happy. From hiking and cycling, to fantastic camping, or merely relaxing away the hours sightseeing, a weekend trip here will open the wonders of the outdoors.

The Loop has many things to offer. If you want to get spectacular views at an elevation of 12,800 feet plus, then the Engineer Pass needs to be included in your family trip planning. It is surrounded by Mt. Sneffels in the east, Uncompahgre Peak in the northeast, and the disappeared Lake City in the east. Now, if you want to indulge in a little privacy, a journey to the Whitmore Falls will restore your senses. The falls can quickly be reached after a brief walk.

Another great Colorado trip is the Guanella Pass. If you want a road trip that combines historical interest without boring your kids to death (let’s face it, few children will find staring at old structures entertaining), then you might consider going on a trip to Guanella Pass. This scenic pass, located in Colorado, stretches for 22 miles. The driving time takes approximately two hours, with many things to catch your attention along the way.

The journey map of Guanella Pass starts at Georgetown, an utterly quaint and lovely place that reflects a good deal of Colorado’s cultured past. Plan a stopover there and take in the unspoiled old buildings, a lot of which have been transformed to museums. While you’re taking a look at valuable artifacts, let your kids explore the town by means of carriage rides, which is among the most popular tourist attraction of Georgetown.

When you believe you’ve had enough sightseeing, head on to Idaho Springs, which is situated close by. There are several hot springs you can make use of, and naturally the tranquil view assists you to relax even more. When everybody has replenished their energy, continue your road trip through the old gold mines, or a countryside dining experience the whole family can delight in.

If at last you’re all set to call it a day, there are bed & breakfasts you can stay in along the South Platte River. And remember to top off your trip taking a look at the well-known Coney Island Hot Dog Stand in Bailey! Enjoy your trip.