2x Battery for FujiFilm NP-40 / Pentax D-Li8, D-Li102 / Samsung SLB-0737/0837… (compare list of compatibility)

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2x Long life replacement battery

* High-quality cells with low self-discharge
* High capacity
* Protection against short curcuit and overcharging
* High cycle strength for a maximum number of charges/discharges
* Accurate, 100% compatible
* No memory effect

Delivery volume
2x Battery as described

  • Replaces type of battery: Fuji NP-40 / Samsung SLB-0737, SLB-0837 / Panasonic DMW-BCB7, CGA-S004 / Pentax D-Li8, D-Li85 — Compatible to:
  • Fuji Fujifilm Finepix F402, F455, F460, F470, F480, F485, F610, F650, F700, F710, F810, J50, V10, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z5fd Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam Easypix DVC5308 HD, S530, SDV 1200, TS530, VX600, VX1400 HD JAY-tech JTC HD1430, WGL-0101 JAY-tech JayCam AE8130, AX9, DC596, DVV3680, i6550, Z6301, Z6302
  • Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 Medion Life P42001 MD 85919, P42005 MD 86072, P43003 MD 86240, P43012 MD 86027, X47006 MD 86390 Nytech DS-5200 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX2, FX7 (NICHT FX07) Pentax Optio A10, A20, A30, A36, A40, E65, L20, S, S4, S4i, S5i, S5n, S5z, S6, S7, SV, Svi, T10, T20, W10, W20, WP, Wpi, X
  • Praktica DCZ 10.3, DV-HD12, DX-1, iR16, XD-8 // Praktica Luxmedia 10-23, 12-03, 12-23, 12-HD, 6105, 6403, 6503, 7203, 7303, 7403, 8303, 8403, 8503 // Rollei Prego DP60, Rollei XS-10 in TOUCH // Samsung i70, i70S, L700, L700S, NV3, NV5, NV7 OPS // Samsung Digimax i5, i6, i6 PMP, i50, i50 MP3, L50, L60, L73, L80 // Sanyo VPC-E1075, E1090
  • SilverCrest HD-Camcorder Slim SCA 5.00 A2 (LIDL IAN 73006) // Yashica EZ Digital W-504L, W-505L, W-801L // Voigtländer Vitolux S70, S80, XM 7.0 // Braun D-12, D-75i, D-808, D-830 // BenQ DC E510